04/11/2011 03:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Facebook Game Scam Targets 'Twilight' Fans

"Twilight" fans, beware. A new Facebook app scam is targeting enthusiasts of the wildly popular vampire series.

According to Sophos Security, scammers are spreading posts promoting a phony Facebook game based on the upcoming film "Twilight Breaking Dawn."

The Facebook posts read:

Play Twilight: Breaking Dawn
Be the first of your friends to play the awesome new Twilight game on Facebook!

A link following the text brings the user to what appears to be a page for the game. However, clicking the "Play Now" button will actually "clickjack" your Facebook account into "Liking" the spammy post and spreading the post to your friends' News Feeds.

Sophos reports that the scammed user will then be asked to "Allow" the app to access basic Facebook profile information and make wall posts. The user will also be taken to a survey page, which earns the scammer a commission.

If you've fallen victim to this latest Facebook scam, Sophos has created a video that will help you clean up your profile.

View a screenshot of the malicious "game" page, and avoid clicking on it if you come across it on Facebook.

LOOK: [via Sophos]