03/03/2011 09:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fallon's 'Jersey Shore' Parody 'Jersey Floor' With Rachel Dratch, Abby Elliott & More (VIDEO)

Good news, America! Jimmy Fallon has unveiled "Late Night's" magnum opus, Jersey Floor, and it does for Snookie what Mel Brooks did for Moses. Sort of.

The parody takes the spirit and joie de vivre of "Jersey Shore" and confines it to one floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, giving staff and friends of "Late Night" a place where they can unwind and just be themselves after the cameras stop rolling. Revelers of the Jersey Floor include, Jimmy "J Bro" Fallon, Josh "DJ Josh" Meyers, Rachel "Drootchie" Dratch, Abby "Lovebug" Elliott, A.D. "Miles" Miles, Bashir "B-Hole" Salahuddin, Steve "The Inflation" Higgins, and Random Girl.

So what's the Jersey Floor all about? Well, as J Bro himself says, it's all about STDs: Shots, Tanning and Drinking.