02/10/2011 10:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nick Swardson Talks Super Bowl Parties, Oscar Picks & Adam Sandler On Fallon (VIDEO)

Nick Swardson came on "Late Night" Wednesday night to talk about his role in the upcoming Adam Sandler rom-com "Just Go With It," but gave a pretty entertaining interview spanning several topics.

Swardson dished to Jimmy Fallon about his Super Bowl night (including parties where they 'throw money') and offered his Oscar pick for Best Picture ("Throw Momma From The Train"). He even talked about his future projects that he thinks will be Oscar-bound, including "Black Tron."

"It's 'Black Swan' meets "Tron," Swardson said. "And it's a bunch of girls that make out on motorcycles while they throw frisbees."

Watch the rest of the interview to hear about Swardson's Austrian character in "Go With It" (who just happens to be named Dolph Lundgren) and even hear him crack a Sandler impression.