02/07/2011 07:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pink Pregnant: Baby Bump Photo Tweet (PHOTO)

Pink was so fed up with the paparazzi's coverage of her pregnancy that she took matters into her own hands. And camera.

The pregnant star singer hasn't been shy about her bun in the oven -- she debuted an early baby bump in an American Music Awards performance -- took to Twitter to diss photographers for their unsatisfactory coverage of her developing baby... and post a "better" photo herself.

Here's what she wrote over three separate tweets:

"ALRIGHT... because paparazzi of today have absolutely no photograhic skill or artistry whatsoever, and their pictures are hideous.... I'm going to post a self-portrait I took yesterday morning for all of you asking to see belly shots. 3 wks of photo classes for me... and I am already a far better photographer than any one of them....."