12/31/2010 09:35 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

New Year's Revolutions

No, I didn't mistype and I'm not talking about overthrowing the government (though I probably shouldn't dwell on that particular thought too long.) I'm simply saying that instead of making resolutions this year, let's revolve a bit, and make a couple of turns that aren't simply personal resolutions. We can all lose that excess ten pounds, quit that nasty habit and exercise more too, but maybe there are changes that would have a bit more impact on our world than those six-pack abs or that 20 inch waistline.

Just a thought.

Let's turn off the TV! I seem to write a lot about the Kardashians with little or no knowledge of who they actually are (and have just read with delightful anticipation that one of them just landed her own show ). I've come to the conclusion that you can have a "reality TV show" if you live a totally unrealistic lifestyle, are beautiful silicone-enhanced women for whom a chipped nail is cause for alarm and a broken heel a national disaster, or a potential presidential candidate who seems to think her ability to kill and skin a buck is more important to our nation than keeping track of the little things, like our nation's "allies". And, I must add a note of thanks to Sarah for her continuous thrashing of our First Lady's efforts to combat childhood obesity. With Sarah as President, we'd not only be a less-aware nation but a bigger one, too. Good thing she supports that compassionate and totally inactive method of "culling" wildlife -- aerial -- or "armchair" as I like to call it -- hunting!

Unfortunately, we actually do have more important things to worry about than frivolity and fashion. We have serious problems with our nation's domestic and foreign policies, deadly ones. So, let's turn off the television, at least those mind-numbing reality shows! (...and for those who've read me before, I'll say right now that I promise to TRY to leave my Kardashian-Palin obsession behind in 2011.)

Study, read, look for alternative news outlets and pick an issue. Whether it's health care, homelessness, the environment, or helping to put an end to our endless invasions and occupations of other people's lands, choose an issue and get active! You can find thousands of amazing non-profits on the internet that can use your help or donations. If you don't have the time or energy, or aren't able to be physically active, the Petition Site offers a way to help simply by signing and sending off petitions on important issues and causes. They do the work; you take just a minute of your time to help make a positive change in our world.

And, as a Christian myself, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that those of us who call ourselves "Christians" and endlessly talk about our so-called "Christian values" should act like we actually have some. Peace and love are pretty basic elements of Christianity. Jesus loved the poor and the outsider, and we don't call him the "Prince of Peace" because he was a warmonger.

Christ wouldn't be burning other people's holy books and trying to stop the building of other religions' houses of prayer. He would welcome the immigrant, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and work toward the basic human right that is health care. He certainly wouldn't be waging war, imprisoning people without trial, torturing anyone, or probably most evil of all, dropping bombs on His brothers and sisters from unmanned drones.

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, Jew -- we can all help create a more loving nation and world.

It's all pretty simple. If we each take a cause and work for that positive change, that real revolution, 2011 will be a better year because of us.