12/28/2010 12:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Real uses of craigslist to get jobs

Hey, the folks at California Report did a report on volunteering, and mentioned some real experience involving craigslist that I figure I'm proud of:

(Kyle Warneck) People who are casual laborers, who are doing handyman work or odd construction jobs...their choices are to stand on a corner, or to post a craigslist ad. And the ones who can post a craigslist ad make twice the money, they can control where they work, they have security, they have safety. And the ones on the corner take what they can get. And really the only barrier is having an email address and knowing how to cut and paste an ad.

Sound clip of dialogue: Kyle:  "So it shows you every city and state that craigslist is in. So let's go to California... Trainee: "Whoa, what did you say?" Kyle: "It shows every city and state that craigslist is in, and every country..." Trainee: "Wait a minute. That's amazing!"

(Kyle Warneck) It's really tangible. You know, I leave knowing...I didn't change the world...but for a couple of people I gave them a tool they didn't have.

Announcer: Kyle Warneck was interviewed by our former intern, Catherine Tollentino (sp?). You can listen to this piece again and check out other volunteer profiles online at