12/15/2010 04:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Man Tosses Dead Squirrel Into Hardee's Drive-Thru Window

An Illinois man is facing disorderly conduct charges after he allegedly threw a dead squirrel into the drive-through window a Hardee's in central Illinois.

Christopher Thompson, 26, was working on his vehicle with a friend on Friday and when he left, he noticed his pal had placed a dead squirrel on the dashboard, the Peoria Journal Star reports. Instead of removing the rodent, Thompson decided to treat the squirrel to some fast food.

PJStar reports:

Thompson told police he saw the animal but decided to leave it there as he departed. It still was on the dashboard about 9:45 p.m. when he pulled into the drive-through lane of the Bartonville Hardee's restaurant at 5515 S. Adams St.

After he pulled up to the window and received his order, he asked the attendant for "extra nuts" for his pet squirrel. The woman later told police he was holding and petting the dead rodent.

The Associated Press reports that the woman initially did not believe that the squirrel was real, so Thompson decided to prove that it was: by tossing it through the window at her and speeding off.

A brave customer picked up the squirrel carcass and put it outside in the snow, PJStar reports. It was then photographed by the police as evidence.

Thompson has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and told the police that it was just a "stupid prank."

The prank at least got Thompson a little fame. Chelsea Handler poked fun of the incident on her show Tuesday night.