11/26/2010 01:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Post-Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Ideas


After hosting Thanksgiving, no one really wants to slave all day in the kitchen... but people are hungry for Thanksgiving leftovers. When Chef Michael Chiarello talked about about his traditional day-after Make-Your-Own Panini Party, we thought: Why not have some fun and celebrate the three-day weekend with friends? Use these five party ideas to create an extended holiday using Thanksgiving leftovers.

Monty Python's "The Holy Grail"-Themed Medieval Party
Attire for this gathering is "medieval chic." Men: think knights in shining armor. Ladies, let your hair down and channel your inner-Guinevere. Instead of carving up the monstrous turkey drumsticks on the big day, set them aside (and ask your guests who roast turkeys to do the same) so guests at your gathering can get their photo snapped gnawing on a big turkey bone, with a big ole mug of ale in the other.
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Breakfast for Dinner
After hosting 40 people for Thanksgiving, sometimes you just want to lay low, lounge around in your pajamas and watch movies all day. Here is an excuse to do just that: Have a "slumber" party where guests arrive in their PJs -- sleeping bag and teddy bear optional. Whip up some breakfast favorites with your leftovers as you play board games or watch movies all night.
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Mexican Fiesta
Leave your holiday woes behind by hosting a fun Mexican-themed party, complete with a turkey piñata (we suggest filling it with chocolate, not stuffing) and cranberry cocktails, since what's a fiesta with booze? Bring out the maracas and sombreros, and use your leftovers to create some classic Mexican dishes with a new twist.
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Turkey Bowl
For many people, football is a close second to turkey on the Thanksgiving Day menu -- use the sports fans for inspiration to plan something fun for "kids" of all ages. Just as perfect for jocks as for people who'd like to work off some calories from the previous day, set up a touch football game for the adults and turkey-bowling on the lawn for the kids. Everyone will enjoy a chance to laugh and run around outside, and they'll also work up an appetite for a hearty chili menu.
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Thanksgiving Pizza Party
Like Chef Michael Chiarello's Panini party, get your friends together to make your own pizzas, Thanksgiving-style, using leftovers on grilled pizza flatbreads. Fire up the grill one last time for the season and have each guest bring a bottle or six-pack of their favorite beverage to get the creative juices flowing.
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