11/05/2010 01:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wall Street Bonuses Get The Taiwanese Animation Treatment (VIDEO)

For news presented as a bizarre video game-like montage, there's nothing quite like Taiwan's Next Media Animation. In a new video released Friday, the studio has turned its unforgiving lens on Wall Street.

As the Wall Street Journal reported almost a month ago, financial firms are on track to pay employees $144 billion, to break a record for the second year in a row. NMA offers an understandable, if inaccurate, take on this figure, putting the news in the context of the financial crisis.

"After the mortgage crisis, US bankers are giving themselves $144 billion in bonuses! Does that make you angry?" NMA, which has also produced hilarious videos about, among other people, Carl "Kooky Carl" Paladino and Christine "Colorful Christine" O'Donnell, tweeted Friday.

The new video is designed to stoke the flames of outrage, with images of bankers eating dollar bills from a trough that Uncle Sam fills. When the subtitles say that "This year, Wall Street bonuses are set to reach record levels," a masked person walks into something called "AIG Bank," draws a gun and steals a bag of money -- a vivid depiction indeed.

WATCH the video below: