10/08/2010 01:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kevin Marsh Grows Massive Pumpkins: 1,674-Pounder Just Shy Of World Record (PHOTO)

PARKER, S.D. (AP) — This pumpkin weighs nearly enough to be Cinderella's coach.

South Dakota farmer Kevin Marsh of Parker knows his 1,674-pound pumpkin isn't pretty – it's won an ugliest pumpkin award at a Colorado event. But it's also only 51 pounds shy of the world record listed by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth.

It's not the first big pumpkin Marsh has grown. One he grew earlier this year was 1,536 pounds, and he had one at 1,488 pounds last year.

Marsh says he doesn't have any big secrets for growing behemoth squash. He says he buries vines as they grow so they get double the amount of roots, and uses a lot of organic fertilizers.