09/30/2010 08:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mom Conquers Cafeteria In Healthy School Lunch Crusade

One San Francisco mother is spearheading a campaign to overhaul the lunches that the city's public schools are serving its students, CNN reports.

As Michelle Obama advocates against childhood obesity, celebrity chefs educate children about sustainable cooking and Congress decides on the amount of money to give to the National School Lunch Program, Dana Woldlow is proving that healthy lunches are possible, even with a tight budget.

Woldlow told CNN,

"Three months after we started our pilot project, the cafeteria was breaking even. Six months into it, our cafeteria was one of two in the school district that turned a profit. So much for the idea that you will lose money if you stop selling junk food in your cafeteria."


To see what you can do to ensure students in the U.S. are served nutritional lunches, check out The Jamie Oliver Foundation and the nonprofit organization The Lunch Box.