09/21/2010 12:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Paranoia Is Perennial -- a Poem

Oh the paranoid style
In American politics
Never goes out of style.
Oh the paranoid style...
Oh it makes vitriol-itics,
Makes for a style that's vile.

"He's a Socialist Muslim,
Born in Kenya!
He's a Communist Muslim!"
And then when ya
Think you've heard it all,
Glenn Beck starts to scrawl
On his blackboard now.
Who believes him? How?!

Oh the paranoid style
In American politics
Spews from a bilge of bile.
And you wish you could laugh,
Call it just folderol-itics,
Wish you could laugh and smile.

But it's hard to keep laughing
At the crazies.
While you're laughing, Rush Limbaugh
Will amaze -- he's
Selling all this crap.
You've a handicap:
You're a rational sort.
"Nut-job" ain't your forte.

Oh the paranoid style!
Oh bring back Douglas Hofstadter!
Wish he were here to hear
How the paranoid style
Sets the fools flying off madder,
Spouting each whacko fear,
Ruled by a Grand Vizier,
(Watch Beck smile ear to ear),
Year after year after year.