08/20/2010 11:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joe Donnelly, Blue Dog Democrat, Takes Aim At Pelosi In Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

U.S. Congressman Joe Donnelly, a Blue Dog Democrat representing Indiana's second district, is out with a new campaign ad taking aim none other than House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi.

A narrator in the 30-second spot boasts that Donnelly "voted against Nancy Pelosi's energy tax on Hoosier families." Targeting the California Democrat over cap-and-trade is cited in promoting the incumbent lawmaker as "Indiana's most independent congressman."

Earlier this month, Donnelly took a shot at the House Speaker, as well as President Obama, in an ad zeroing-in on the issue of illegal immigration. When an image of the duo alongside House Minority Leader John Boehner flashed across the screen, the Blue Dog Democrat said, "That may not be what the Washington crowd wants, but I don't work for them, I work for you."

WATCH: Joe Donnelly Targets Pelosi Over Cap-And-Trade