08/16/2010 03:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rhinoceros Hunting: Poachers Remove Endangered Animal Horns With Chainsaws (VIDEO)

Al Jazeera reports from Kwazulu-Natal National Park in Africa, where poaching of endangered rhinoceroses has increased 10 times since 2007, the biggest rise in the illegal activity in 20 years.

Wildlife reserves and national parks, like Kwazulu-Natal, have had to intensify armed protection in an effort to stop poachers. They believe the criminals are using helicopters to enter the area and tranquilize the creatures. In a grotesque display, they then use a chainsaw to cut through the skull and remove the horns from the rhinos.

Kwazulu-Natal is home to the only known survivor of such an attack. She is no longer able to smell or effectively communicate with her kin, and has lost her primary means of protection.

Rhino horns are highly valued in traditional Asian and Chinese medicine, Al Jazeera reports.