10/05/2007 06:31 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Want to Convince People to Do and Believe in Whatever You Want?

Want to convince people to do and believe in whatever you want?

Sounds good, huh?

But I got one better.

How would you like to convince triple the people to do and believe in whatever you want?

Brian Clark, creator of, calls this the difference between being persuasive (good) and being truly influential (very, very, very good).

Brian obviously knows about being influential, because his blog is one of the top 40 in the world, according to Technorati.

Brian shared his tips on becoming a more influential blogger on my morning Sirius show, "Be Happy Dammit." I found what he said so spot-on, I wanted to share it in this forum, as well.

Below are my Karen-esque speedy Cliff's Notes from Brian Clark. For the whole enchilada, definitely visit him at


1. Repetition
Brian warns that there's both a good and evil side to repetition. To stay on the side of good, make your point in several ways. For example -- use an example. Or offer up a quote from a famous person. And repeat again in your grand finale summary.

2. Reasons Why
Brian reminds how we humans don't like to be told things or asked to take action without a reasonable explanation.

3. Consistency
Brian reminds consistency implies high integrity. The lack of it infers instability and flightiness. So get your reader to agree with you up front about something simple, then keep making a strong and varied case.

4. Social Proof
Humans love to witness as many others hopping on the bandwagon before they go a-hopping. Hence testimonials and outside referrals work.

5. Comparisons
Metaphors, similes and analogies are according to Brian the influential blogger's best friends.

6. Agitate and Solve
First, identify the problem. Then agitate the reader's pain before offering your solution. Brian explains this is not about being sadistic -- but empathic. Let the reader know you "get" them.

7. Prognosticate
Offer your reader a glimpse into their new, improved future if they go bandwagon a-hopping with you.

8. Go Tribal
Give someone a chance to be a part of a "cool" group -- be that wealthy, hip, green, or even contrarian--and they'll go bandwagon a-hopping!

9. Address Objections
Brian admits addressing every objection is tough. But your biggest arguments should be obvious. He also warns that if you think there are no objections, you're in for a shock if your blog's comments enabled.

10. Storytelling
Stories allow people to persuade themselves -- and that's what it's really all about.

Karen Salmansohn is the best selling author of HOW TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT -- and an influential blogger on exactly how to be happy dammit at her personal site.