09/24/2007 04:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Alberto Gonzales Getting Ready To Head To Court?

If you blinked while you were reading Michael Isikoff's latest Newsweek Periscope item, you might have missed this little scoop:

Meanwhile, the probes into the Gonzales era will continue. The departed A.G. is now looking for a private lawyer to represent him, according to two legal sources who asked not to be identified because of the matter's sensitivity.

Last week at the Huffington Post, I reported the existence of a real possibility that the ex-Attorney General and President George W. Bush's former White House Counsel could face an ethics complaint at the Texas State Bar:

The woman who literally wrote the book on legal ethics in Texas says it's likely that the Texas State Bar is probing the professional conduct of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

"Given the publicity regarding the allegations concerning Mr. Gonzales, I would be surprised if the [Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the Texas State Bar] is not currently investigating a complaint," said Lillian Hardwick, co-author of the Handbook of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics.

Whether or not Gonzales' work in the White House and Justice Department is currently being probed in Texas, an ethics investigation might not be far off. The Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General are both looking into the possibility that Gonzales committed obstruction of justice in the US Attorneys investigation and perjury in his testimony regarding the warrantless wiretapping program, among other issues. If they conclude with a negative report, Gonzales could face penalties in his home state up to disbarment.