06/25/2010 07:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

KaBOOM! playground in SF, one year later

Hey, the folks at KaBOOM! get playgrounds built and a lot more.

Last year they got one done in San Francisco, and it really matters:

One year ago today, First Lady Michelle Obama volunteered at one of
our KaBOOM!-led builds at Bret Harte Elementary School in San

Now, one year later, the kids are playing on the equipment non-stop.
The school principal was originally skeptical about whether the kids
really needed a playground, and worried that the kids would stop playing
asphalt games like kickball. Now, watching the children swarm the play
structure, she can't believe that they had ever been denied the
opportunity to play and get active like this. "The kids who want to
play kickball and jumprope still do, but I'd never realized that they
needed so many different ways to play. They love their new
playground... they absolutely love it," she said. "Now, when the kids
come back into the classroom, they're able to sit down and pay
attention, so the teachers love the new playground just as much as the

KaBOOM! is proud to work with the Let's Move initiative to help address
this play deficit, and is currently supporting communities across the
country as they work to get their kids more active through play. We
offer tools, tips, and resources to help anyone make their community
more playful. Get involved!

Some other guy was involved, the lesson being that power tools and Craig, not such a good idea.