06/02/2010 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Help HuffPost Name Our Newest Badge

Are you a wordsmith? Do you have a creative eye? Want to help design our latest HuffPost Badge?

You've seen three HuffPost Badges -- Moderator, Networker, and Superuser -- on the site for just over a month now. We hope to keep adding to that list in order to give our most engaged readers credit for being such valuable members of the HuffPost Community.

We're soon releasing a new badge for these engaged, insightful commenters. And we need your help naming it.

Being an "engaged reader" means a lot of things. Our current badges give credit to those who comment frequently, share stories widely, and keep conversation civil on the site. But what about those community members who start and drive conversations? It's not uncommon for HuffPost reporters like Sam Stein and Shahien Nasiripour to find a great story tip in the comments section or for our editors to look through the comments for guidance on future coverage. Furthermore, our most active commenters forge relationships and make new discoveries in the comments.

The basic idea behind this new badge is simple. Many HuffPost readers invest a great deal of time and energy into writing compelling comments that often turn into lengthy and interesting threads of replies. These comments are often well-researched, sometimes link out to other coverage, and almost always add to the story. We've been spotting these comments for some time and will soon feature them in an optional view of the comment thread. Readers whose comments are featured a number of times will get the new badge.

It's important to point out that HuffPost doesn't feature these comments or commenters because we agree with their opinions -- political or otherwise. Again, we want to credit those engaged readers who start and drive conversations. And we want you to be involved in how we give that credit.

So post your thoughts on what we should call this new badge in the comment section section below. Whomever offers up the best suggestion will win a prize.

Thanks in advance for contributing to HuffPost.