05/26/2010 03:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Louie Baur: Not a Social Media Expert

Louie Baur is very knowledgeable in the skateboarding vertical; basically, Tony Hawk asks him how to keep from getting his teeth knocked out doing 3-story boardslides. Louie has been running websites since some of the kids doing the Silver Surfer on a skateboard were swimming in their pops' nutsacks.

Since the year 2000, Louie has been running, which is a
skateboarding blog that gets updated a few times a day. He also owns which is a directory of skateparks around the world and has almost 4000 skateparks in it.

Louie is one of the top 10 diggers of all time with over 1200 stories that have been promoted to the frontpage of Louie contends that to be a social media samurai-beheading ninja, you are required to "blog, tweet and do everything else that
has to do with it for at least 12 hours per day," or until your skin turns green and you have to pry your leg off the desk chair with a laser incision.

"I do have a wife and two doggies, I do manage to get out to skate a few times a week at my
local skatepark," Louie admitted. "I also enjoy going out on my drag bike which is a
GSXR1300 Hayabusa made by Suzuki and terrorize the streets of Los Angeles."

Here are a couple of recent clips of Louie skateboarding. For a 250 pound 41 year old you still need a camera that could catch a humming bird throw up a middle finger with its wings to see how Louie turns a board into the Virgin Galactic commercial spacecraft.

Louie's Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter motorcycle burnout on a Hayabasa:

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