07/10/2014 09:37 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2014

Emmy Nominees React To The Big News

The 2014 Emmy nominations are here! And some of your favorite stars have been honored in their respective categories.

Below, some of TV's biggest names share their reactions with The Huffington Post:

  • Edie Falco - Lead Actress Comedy Series - "Nurse Jackie"
    "What an exciting way to start the summer! Beyond my wildest dreams -- the response we've had to our dysfunctional ER and it's inhabitants. So thrilled to be recognized by this industry."
  • Matthew McConaughey - Lead Actor Drama Series - "True Detective"
    "I am Honored to be nominated with such a talented field of actors. This is a tremendous category filled with some riveting performances. Thank you for this recognition."
  • Michelle Dockery - Lead Actress Drama Series - "Downton Abbey"
    "I am absolutely thrilled to have been nominated again. I am on set today filming series 5 so, Lady Mary has a big grin on her face!"
  • Kate Mara - Guest Actress Drama Series - "House of Cards"
    "I watched the announcements in my trailer with Michael B. Jordan, waiting to go back to set of 'Fantastic Four.' I then emailed [Kevin] Spacey to congratulate him and he replied telling me I was nominated. I thanked him for throwing me in front of the train and getting me those pity votes. Gonna celebrate tonight with Reg E. Cathey who was also nominated and is ironically here playing my father in this film."
  • Maggie Smith - Supporting Actress Drama Series - "Downton Abbey"
    "I am so glad you love Violet so much, these nominations keep Violet from kicking the bucket."
  • Jimmy Fallon - Outstanding Variety Series & Guest Actor Comedy Series For "The Tonight Show" & "Saturday Night Live"
    NBC/Getty Images
    "So happy to be nominated for an Emmy this morning. And even happier to have an excuse for the champagne I was already drinking at 9am."
  • Kerry Washington - Lead Actress Drama Series - "Scandal"
    “I'm so honored to be nominated. And so thrilled for Joe Morton and Kate Burton! I'm crazy grateful that the TV Academy has acknowledged our show in these ways.”
  • Aaron Paul - Supporting Actor Drama Series - "Breaking Bad"
    "What a beautiful way to wake up this morning. Thank you everyone for the incredibly kind words. I feel so blessed."
  • Jessica Lange - Lead Actress Miniseries/Movie - "American Horror Story: Coven"
    "I'm very grateful to the Academy for so generously acknowledging me in a year of such powerful performances by women."
  • Jim Carter - Supporting Actor Drama Series - "Downton Abbey"
    "I am very proud of the nominations across the board especially our craft nominations. This shows the incredible hard work behind the scenes that goes into making the show. And for myself, it's great news we have equal nominations between above and below stairs, I am so delighted."
  • Allison Tolman - Supporting Actress In Miniseries or Movie - "Fargo"
    "I'm still a little numb to be honest. But I just drank a mimosa on a Thursday, so that's nice. [laughs] But so exciting. I'm so thrilled for the show and for my castmates as well. We're going to have a really fun night."
  • Jon Voight - Supporting Actor Drama Series - "Ray Donovan"
    "It's a very prestigious nomination and I'm very grateful for it. Last night, I watched the first episode of the new season and I'm reminded of the good work from everyone -- the writing, the cast. I'm so happy the show will be represented at the Emmys this year. All those people who have been waiting for the new season will see it on Sunday at 9 pm, and I think they will have a great ride this year. I'm proud to be a part of this group."
  • Joanne Froggatt - Supporting Actress Drama Series - "Downton Abbey"
    “I am totally thrilled! To be nominated in the same category as these brilliant actresses is such an honor. I couldn't be happier. Amazing news! Thank you so much!”
  • Matt Bomer - Supporting Actor In Miniseries or Movie - "The Normal Heart"
    "I am so happy and thankful for this moment. It's incredibly surreal, and very exciting. I am also happy for everyone involved in this project. I watched them pour their hearts and souls into their work every day, and it's great to see that work recognized. We were all incredibly passionate about telling this story. For all of those affected by this disease, I hope it gives them some peace to know that this chapter of our history has been acknowledged. I've loved this play for 20 years -- it changed my life, and that's why I wanted to be a part of the film. It's a dream come true."
  • Lizzy Caplan - Lead Actress Drama - "Masters of Sex"
    “I can safely say that this is one of the few phone calls a person WANTS to get at an ungodly hour. I am shocked and thrilled and SHOCKED and really, really excited. Did I mention I'm shocked? Because I am SHOCKED. Champagne before 6 am is ok, right?”
  • William H. Macy - Lead Actor Comedy Series - "Shameless"
    “I’m thrilled and a bit shocked to be nominated. And when I look at the other nominations I'm humbled. But I've always felt that liver failure brought on by acute alcoholism could be really really funny.”
  • Anna Chlumsky - Supporting Actress Comedy Series - "Veep"
    “I love my job and I love this show. It's the sweetest icing to be recognized for having so much fun. I'm proud as can be of the entire crew and ensemble. I'm all smiles today.”
  • Jim Parsons - Lead Actor Comedy Series & Supporting Actor Miniseries/Movie for "The Big Bang Theory" & "The Normal Heart"
    “I am, of course, beyond flattered about the nominations this morning - it is both gratifying and actually touching to feel that your work was considered worthy of mention by your peers. That said, I am especially moved to be a part of two projects that were both singled out in their respective categories -- 'The Big Bang Theory' for Outstanding Comedy Series and 'The Normal Heart' for Outstanding TV Movie. It is hard to believe my good fortune in having been a part of two such projects in the same year. I am especially excited for the new viewers that I hope these nominations will attract for 'The Normal Heart,' which was truly a passion project for so many of us involved.”
  • Kate Mulgrew - Supporting Actress Comedy Series - "Orange is the New Black"
    "One doesn't get a nomination for an Emmy every day. This is my first Emmy nomination. Can you believe it, after 40 years in this business? I think it comes down to the writing. Jenji Kohan is a genius, and what she's managed to do, which is singular and splendid, unique, bold and has captured the imagination of the American viewing public."
  • Laverne Cox - Outstanding Guest Actress Comedy Series - "Orange is the New Black"
    "Today is truly a dream come true for me. Working on such an incredible show with such talented professionals has truly been the reward for me since we started shooting 'OITNB' 2 years ago. But this Emmy Nomination today is very welcomed and delicious icing on an already sumptuous cake. Thanks to the cast and crew of 'Orange' for all the love and support, for your professionalism. Special shout out to Jodi Foster who directed the episode where we leaned Sophia's back story and Sian Heder who wrote it and to all our writers, especially to Jenji Kohan. This recognition of 12 #EmmyNoms for your genius today is beyond well deserved. You are everything Jenji ... "
  • Natasha Lyonne - Outstanding Guest Actress Comedy Series - "Orange is the New Black"
    “I am over the moon right now, and genuinely overwhelmed with the news of my nomination! I can’t express how proud I am of the show, and thrilled to be recognized for my work. What makes it even more gratifying is being selected alongside Uzo and Laverne! What an incredible honor. It’s so rare to be able to work with such a high level of integrity that you can wholeheartedly stand behind. The show is a testament to Jenji’s brilliance, that allows us the rare gift of being able to pour our souls on the pavement each time we punch in. I’m so happy for Jenji, and overjoyed for the entire cast and crew, and our sick & brilliant writers who put in so much time and effort into making it what it is.”
  • Angela Basset - Supporting Actress Miniseries/Movie - "American Horror Story: Coven"
    “I felt so honored to have been asked to come aboard and play a woman whose mystique and influence continues to this day. It was a dream of a story, a hell of a role and then to top it off with Jessica and Kathy! 'Marie Laveau' has been one of the most deliciously rewarding characters of my career, thanks to the brilliance of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.”
  • Kathy Bates - Outstanding Supporting Actress In Miniseries/Movie - "American Horror Story: Coven"
    "My heartfelt thanks go out to our hard working crew who made this amazing season of 'American Horror Story' possible.”
  • Frances Conroy - Outstanding Supporting Actress In Miniseries/Movie - "American Horror Story: Coven"
    “I think I am just very happy to be amongst such wonderful company.”
  • Martin Freeman - Lead Actor In Miniseries or Movie - "Fargo"
    "Thank you, people of Emmyland. To be nominated in such company is an honor, especially for two shows that I'm immensely proud of. I'm delighted."