06/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Scott McInnis Leads John Hickenlooper By Six Points: Rasmussen

In the latest round of Rasmussen polling, former GOP Congressman Scott McInnis leads Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in the Colorado Governor's race 48%-42%.

McInnis held a 20% lead among male voters, and a 6% lead among unaffiliated voters, while women voters prefer the Denver Mayor by 6%

Despite McInnis's lead in the gubernatorial preference poll, only 14% reported a "very favorable" opinion of the Western Slope Republican. By contrast, 27% had a very favorable opinion of Hickenlooper.

Following from a recent controversy, Rasmussen also asked voters whether candidates should be required to release their tax records. The poll found that 73% of Coloradans thought this should be a requirement.

Earlier this week, the Denver Post reported on the McInnis campaign's refusal to release the candidate's income tax records in accordance with standard practice by most candidates for public office.

"He's already disclosed what he's required to publicly," a spokesman told the Post in explaining why McInnis wouldn't be turning over his income tax records.