06/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Transformational Sex

We have arrived at the most compelling reason to pursue and practice spiritual sex: the magical elements. It is level III of spiritual sex and the least understood yet most interesting aspect of sexuality. When I speak of magic, I mean something more than the phrase "it was magic" one uses after a particularly good sexual experience. The sixth chakra is about non-ordinary sight: visionary insight as well as using visualization to create desired outcomes. Among other things, this energy center (called the third eye) is a source of psychic illumination. I've researched some fascinating accounts of sex magic over the years and have still not begun to grasp all the possibilities. We are now entering the Twilight Zone folks.

The information I'm going to discuss is on the edge of the known (science) into the realm of noetic (mind) sciences which is the study of the effects of perception, intuition, and beliefs on experience. The exploration of consciousness is truly our last frontier and we have only begun to understand just how far reaching it is. If you want to explore noetic sciences further, go to The Institute of Noetic Sciences .

The difference between so called "hard science" and noetic sciences is the question of how do we know what we know. It is the difference between a system of rigidly controlled acceptable data collection, known as the experimental method, and the data gleaned from collective testimony and direct experience. These direct experiences are more difficult to quantify, although Duke University, among others, has certainly done its best. There is ample evidence that the human mind is capable of affecting the physical world. Lynn McTaggart's book, The Intention Experiment is an exhaustive summary of the research on distant healing and other effects of consciousness on situations. Consider the fact that many government agencies and police departments utilize psychics to help them find spies, locate victims of crime, and identify perpetrators.

So how does sexuality help our ability to shape outcomes through intentional focus? Sexual energy is the most powerful transformer available in our bodies. I believe that the reason we have very little information about spiritual sex in the West is because of its power. Sexuality has been diminished for centuries, reduced to a procreative function until it was promoted to an acceptable expression of love in marriage. Recently the more radical among us have proposed that sex can also be something fun. When sex was split into a purely physical act (sex as biology) and spiritual was seen as something completely separate from the body, we lost the benefit of sexual energy as a pathway to higher consciousness.

I feel the need to insist on a disclaimer. Sex Magic is about shaping your perceptions intentionally to affect your life in a positive way. It is a very sacred practice. Playing with Sex Magic without significant clarity is a lot like fumbling with the home chemistry sets of our childhood that sometimes blew up. I strongly recommend you reread my previous blogs: Telling the Truth about Sex and Opening Your Heart and practicing the principles therein because you will need to be aligned with your partner with regard to truthful self disclosure and an open heart. One more disclaimer: never send negative energy meant to overpower or change someone else's destiny.

At the simplest level, you can begin by choosing a visualization that represents a strong desire and releasing this image at the moment of orgasm. This works best if you have practiced moving orgasmic energy up through your body and can feel the third eye center. The purely physical release of a genital orgasm which is focused in your pelvic belly will not be effective. Many esoteric sexuality traditions worldwide utilize visualization and shifting perception in order to move into a more expanded experience.

More advanced practices replenish the energetic fields surrounding the physical body, repairing, strengthening and enhancing your health at many levels. One example is described by Tom Kenyon in the Magdalene Manuscript. With plenty of time spent creating sacred space, connecting hearts, and pleasuring each other without a rush to orgasm, you can build the intensity of the electromagnetic field surrounding you and your partner. Visualize this energy field and breathe it in, imagining it replenishing your life force as you relax in each other's arms.

These are only two practices of the many I've researched. Both of these can be practiced solo as well. However, the challenge of forming and maintaining a truly co-equal, conscious loving union leads to even greater rewards. Couples who choose to enhance their partnership through the practice of spiritual sex can pursue this expanded sexuality lifelong. Every loving relationship is an invitation to transform; it is our task and our joy to accept the mystery and surrender to the experience.

I was interviewed on this subject of sex magic and you can find the video at when you click on "experts" and then my name.