06/07/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Secret Courtyard Just Blocks From Times Square

I was walking down West 46th Street in Hell's Kitchen recently when I noticed a break in the buildings...


Most of the time, this sort of thing just turns out to be just a nook where residents pile garbage...But as I looked closer...


I noticed something peeking out in the back: what looked like a completely separate building, hidden away from the street.


This sign identified it as Clinton Court...


...And as I looked closer, it seemed like the alley did indeed lead into a much larger space.


The location scout in me is always looking to add unique and unusual New York locations to my "film-friendly" list; the urban explorer simply wanted to find out what treasures might be hidden down the alley.

It turns out that the building is very much interested in film work, and I was given a quick tour of Clinton Court to help spread the word. I proceeded down the alley...


...And into a beautiful secluded courtyard. At the south end is this carriage house turned residence, complete with arched French doors and a second floor porch...


...While to the left is the rest of the courtyard - it's hard to believe this is located just a few blocks from Times Square!


The carriage house is a completely separate residence from the surrounding apartment buildings, and goes by the address 422 1/2 West 46th Street. A pan of the courtyard - click for larger viewing options:


Below, an aerial view shows the entrance and recessed carriage house:


According to Wikipedia, this carriage house was built pre-1800 and is the only surviving building in the area dating back to when Times Square and Hell's Kitchen were farmland.


According to Forgotten-NY, a creek known as Widow's Creek or Great Kills Creek once flowed nearby. The carriage house was once occupied by VP/NY State Governor George Clinton.


According to my tour guide, this is considered one of the most haunted buildings in New York. Legend has it that at least three women have jumped to their deaths from the roof.


This beautiful stairway leads up to the upper porch.


A nice place to enjoy some peace and quiet.


This apartment building is also accessed within the court, and the tenants share the space. Ivy grows up and down the surrounding buildings.


Though the space has been used for film shoots in the past (Bullets Over Broadway, for example), it has fallen out of the loop. The building is looking to generate more interest, and I am more than happy to present my pictures here to spread the word. I can think of a million great uses for the space, from a backdrop for intimate photoshoots, to an unrivaled secluded Manhattan filming location.

If you're interested in getting in touch with building management, shoot me an email. Serious requests only!

Update! Take a peek inside the carriage house here...


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