05/04/2014 06:07 pm ET Updated May 04, 2014

The Force Is Strong With These 35 'Star Wars' Fan Families

It's been a big week for "Star Wars"-loving families, with the casting news for the upcoming movie, Episode VII announced on Tuesday.

While Adam Driver and Andy Serkis may make excellent acting choices for the upcoming film, there is some overlooked talent lurking in our online midst. Yes, not so long ago, in a galaxy not at all far away, these children (and their geeky parents) put together "Star Wars" auditions of their own -- and they didn't even know it.

J.J., if you need extras, look no further. (Or, in the words of Chewie, WAAAARGHGHGHHAAAAAGH!)

  • 1 The Jedi Dreamer
  • 2 The Baby Who Is Calmed By The Force
  • 3 Newborn Baby Yoda
  • 4 You Can Never Have Too Many Baby Yodas
  • 5 Baby-2D2
    This little guy needed a corrective helmet, so his dad gave it the "Star Wars" treatment.
  • 6 Toddler-2D2
    Now, that's a realistic costume.
  • 7 Lady-2D2
  • 8 Twin-2D2s
  • 9 Darth Baby
  • 10 The Mini Darth Who Has Honed His Powers
  • 11 Darth In A Skirt
  • 12 One Gender Stereotype-Crushing Storm Trooper
  • 13 The Young Jedi Whose Dream Came True
    Sharon Kay Edwards
    Josiah almost got rained out of Jedi Training Camp, but when his mom told the show's actor about her son's autism, a ruined moment turned beautiful.
  • 14 Baby Liam In His Millennium Falcon
    The Karpiuks
    Made by his very crafty parents.
  • 15 The Leia To Baby Liam's Han
    The Karpiuks
    Her name is Emerald and here is the story of how they met.
  • 16 Lovely Leia
    When you don't have enough hair for buns, there's always knitwear.
  • 17 The Mom Who Made Her Daughter's C-3P0 Dreams Come True
    Busy Mockingbird
  • 18 A Han And His Dog
  • 19 A Han And His Chewbacca
  • 20 Lunchbox Dad
  • 21 Action Movie Kid
    Thanks to a pro dad, he's camera ready.
  • 22 Friendly Kids
  • 23 The Boy Who Sleeps In An AT-AT Bed
    The Dutilly Family
    Mad by his dad.
  • 24 The Boy With An AT-AT walker
  • 25 The Parents Who Created This Alphabet
  • 26 The Parents Who Made A Star Wars-Themed Nursery
    There are light saber night lights in this room, and you can change their color by using remote controls.
  • 27 The 12-Year-Old Who Lives Here
  • 28 The Baby Who Was Given A Jedi Welcome
  • 29 The Baby Who Knows How To Use Her Light Saber
  • 30 Ruby And Her Light Saber Cupcakes
  • 31 The Navy Dad With A "Star Wars" Surprise
    U.S. Navy Sailor Justin Whyte surprised his kids at a birthday party by dressing up as Darth Vader.
  • 32 The Dad Who Deserved This Tribute From His Daughter
    That's the back window of his grown-up daughter's car!
  • 33 The Parent Who Made A Toddler-Friendly Explainer
    A Venn diagram for all.
  • 34 Dad Jeffrey Brown, Who Wrote Two Whole "Star Wars" Books For His Kids
    Jeffrey Brown
  • 35 And Last But Not Least Bunny-2D2