04/22/2014 11:56 am ET Updated Apr 22, 2014

Brian Williams Wants To Set The Record Straight About Those Rap Videos

Brian Williams wants everyone to know that he has never actually uttered the word "hippity."

Jimmy Fallon introduced Williams to his Monday night show with another rapping mash-up featuring the NBC News anchor.

"People think I have somehow colluded into the making of these videos," Williams said. "Let's be clear... I've never said hippity. Never said hippity. No, no, no, no, no."

He said that one of the videos showed a snippet of him in Baghdad with a firefight happening nearby, where he was most definitely not rapping.

"You've done this to me now seven times," Williams jokingly told Fallon.

"Done this to you? Done this for you," Fallon insisted, before Williams requested a Foxy Brown or Ludacris song for the next video.