04/22/2014 09:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Lovable Animals Remind Us Why We Need To Protect The Earth

Every April 22 we celebrate Earth Day, and remember why it's important to take care of our home.

Organized by the Earth Day Network, the annual holiday celebrates protection of the planet and urges many to ramp up their efforts to ensure a sustainable future.

So, in honor of Earth Day, here are 12 reasons why we need to protect the Earth:

These polar bears
polar bear

This tigress who wants to make her cub look presentable

This sea lion pup

All of these pandas cubs. ALL OF THEM.
Panda Nap Time.

This elephant calf who loves hugs

These happy dolphins

This baby rhino who's favorite spot to sit is on his mom's head
Baby Rhino and its mother.

This baby orangutan who feels most comfortable hanging onto mom

This tiny sea turtle

These too-fuzzy-to-handle lion cubs
lion cub

This penguin who has to be within a wing's length of her zookeeper

And, of course, this puppy

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