05/23/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

SEC's Porn Problem Was Rampant, According To Reports

Nearly a dozen SEC workers were found to have viewed pornography at work, according to a story originally reported by the Washington Times.

But the problems may be even worse than that. Gawker got a hold of documents that detail 16 investigations into employees and contractors who viewed porn a stunning 8,273 times. Among the revelations are names of illicit websites accessed at work. According to Gawker's John Cook, the documents include reports from "one man who said his daily porn viewing at work was limited to 'no longer than an hour and a half a day.; The man told investigators that his porn habit grew out of looking at photos of men in bathing suits, which is sometimes known as 'gateway porn.'"

The unidentified employee may have more serious problems -- as Gawker notes, "Two video files found on his computer were referred to the FBI because investigators suspected that the men depicted having sex in them were underage."

One SEC worker -- actually it was a supervisor , according to Dealbreaker -- reportedly viewed porn sites at work to combat stress.

Check out The Washington Times piece here -- and Gawker's report here.