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7 Types of Parents I Can't Stand

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Every parenting style is different.  The reason for this is that EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT. We all have our ways of going about things, and there is no one right way to do it.  After almost 10 years of being a dad, I find myself qualified to label certain people and judge them based on the little that I know about them. You really get to know who someone is based on the snippet that you get in the grocery store aisle or at the local playground.  I've see enough to know that the way I parent is way better than the way a lot of other people do.

Here are seven types of parents that I can't stand:

1. The helicopter parent.  I used to be that guy.  I would hover underneath my kids just to make sure they wouldn't fall at the playground.  But I soon realized that a kid who doesn't know what it's like to fall also doesn't know what it's like to stand up after she falls.

2. The Pinterest parent. You know the ones who throw these perfect little parties and their houses are always clean?  Those ones. How do they have time for all of that?  Who's watching the kids while they are making cake pops and picking up dust bunnies off the floor?

3. The anti-vaccination parent. I'll never understand why we wouldn't protect our kids from potentially life-threatening diseases that have been pretty much wiped off the Earth thanks to vaccinations. These are also the same people who throw pox parties.

4. The organic parent.  Every fruit or vegetable they have ever fed their kid has come from an organic farm.  Or so they think. They only shop for clothes from these little online boutiques where a pair of kids' pants are made from hemp and cost $75.

5. The anti-device parent.  Just stop with this nonsense.  When we were kids, we had the latest technology; we just didn't realize it. TV hasn't been around 100 years, and neither have video games. What could you possibly do on a five-hour car ride?

6. The anti-minivan parent. I drive a minivan. I love it. I hate the people who will only drive an SUV because they think it's cooler.  Screw the SUV with its doors that open outward.  Give me a slider that opens by itself every day of the week.

7. The judgmental parent.  I don't like parents who pigeonhole others into certain categories of parenting.  They are the ones who think they are better than everyone else, like they have been a parent for almost 10 years or something so they think they know everything.

Why do I care how others are parenting? I have my own kids to worry about.

This post originally appeared on Dads Roundtable.

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