03/31/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2014

Feeding America's Quest For Helping Malnourished Youth In The U.S.

We see images of starving children in third-world countries on the news, but Americans seldom identify malnourishment as a problem plaguing the youth amongst them.

"It's pretty astounding, the extent of this issue," Feeding America's Ellie Krieger told HuffPost Live's Jordan Freeman, citing a statistic of one in five children as being "food insecure."

"They don't know where their next meal's coming from," she continued, "and so this sense of food insecurity -- not knowing where you're going to get your food -- really has a profound impact, especially on children. It is really incredible, the effect it has on brain development under the age of three, so this is a huge issue in terms of the future of our country."

Catch the rest of what Ellie Kreiger had to say about malnutrition of American children in the clip above.