04/02/2014 07:33 am ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben: Being Jewish Is 'Not So Much Belief As It Is Belonging'

Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modaressy-Tehrani to discuss the nuances of being culturally religious.

Reuben, who currently serves as the senior rabbi of Kehillat Israel,The Reconstructionist Congregation of Pacific Palisades in California, explained that the essence of Jewish identity is rooted in belonging.

"What gives Jews our identity is not so much belief as it is belonging -- the sense of belonging to the Jewish community, belonging to the Jewish people, being part of a family literally that goes back to Biblical times," he said.

Unlike other religions who define and differentiate themselves from others by their specific theologies, Reuben emphasized the importance of participation and community, commenting, "What Jews do is more important than their individual beliefs."

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