07/20/2010 11:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

5 Luxury French Hotels For Much, Much Less (PHOTOS, POLL)

Mr & Mrs Smith, started by James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy eight years ago, was intended to provide readers with hotel reviews by in-the-know jetsetters (each property is personally visited). The guidebooks have evolved over the years and Mr & Mrs Smith now provides a booking service for hotels, spas, the works. Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection: France (Spy Publishing, $29.95) is available from mid-July. This edition joins their six previous editions, including UK/Ireland and European Cities, with 650 cherry-picked hotels in their online global collection. We asked Juliet Kinsman, Editor-in-Chief of Mr & Mrs Smith guidebooks, and Lucy Fennings (M&M's Associate Editor) to pick five first-class French hideaways with economy fares.

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