02/21/2014 02:25 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2014

Watch A NatGeo-Style Video About Camping Out For The Duke-Syracuse Game

A new video from the crew at the Kumquat goes deep inside the fascinating ritual that is pregaming for the Duke vs. Syracuse men's basketball game.

Kumquat, a student comedy troupe at Syracuse University, launched the nature documentary spoof just in time for another rivalry game against Duke in North Carolina on Saturday. This video was filmed while students camped out for the Duke-Syracuse game a couple weeks ago, which ended in a close overtime win for 'Cuse.

"It is considered great luck before a game to urinate upon the field," one of the hosts says, while a few guys pee on the outside wall of the stadium. "What seems disrespectful and taboo to us, is in fact a daily part of the religious observations."

The way they pronounce "Natty Light" is kind of awesome, which comes right before the hosts played "The game of kings," also known as "King's Cup," "Circle of Fire," "Ring of Death" and probably several other names you may have heard in your dorm.

After that, things get a little crazy.

Know nothing about sports or the Duke-Syracuse rivalry? Don't worry, that won't stop you from enjoying this adventure.