05/02/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rachel Uchitel BACK In Las Vegas: Report

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' first alleged mistress to be named during his unfolding sex scandal, has moved back to Las Vegas, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal writer Norm Clarke.

Uchitel, who was recently offered a job as correspondent for "Extra," lived in New York for years -- and has been photographed throughout the city.

The nightclub hostess is rumored to have received a secret payout of at least $1 million from Woods' camp in exchange for her silence about their alleged affair. While she has been called a "celebrity whore" by one of the sources for the original National Enquirer expose, Uchitel reportedly captured Woods' heart.

In one email, Woods reportedly told Uchitel that he "finally found someone I connect with." In another, he allegedly revealed his steamy sex fantasy about her, Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz.

The news of Uchitel's move follows reports that Woods has finished therapy and is back in Florida.

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