02/18/2014 12:31 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2014

This Year's Oscar Nominees Ranked According To Likelihood Of Becoming EGOTs

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Ah, to be an EGOT. It's one of the most coveted standings among Hollywood's elite. Only 11 stars have achieved recognition by winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony, including Audrey Hepburn, Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg. (If honorary awards count, technically 14 have earned EGOT status. Add Barbra Streisand, James Earl Jones and Liza Minnelli to the list.) Are any of this year's Oscar nominees, should they win, on a path to earn the venerable title? It turns out yes, if only a few of them (and you can probably imagine which ones).

Interestingly, Best Actress is years ahead of the other three acting categories in terms of nominees nearing EGOT status. Like Best Director, its nominees have a median age of 55 -- eight years ahead of the next oldest category, Best Actor. Best Actress is the only award that includes four previous Oscar winners. (Martin Scorsese excepted, the Best Director nominees have proven less likely to dabble in other media.)

It should be noted that "The Book Thief" composer John Williams' five Oscars, three Emmys and 17 Grammys actually thrust him to the top of the soon-to-be-EGOT rankings. However, if only so as to not make this countdown eons long, we're zeroing in on the acting, directing and original-song nominees. (Sorry, John Williams! Congrats anyway.)

Here are this year's Oscar contenders ranking according to the likelihood that, given the current nominations to the names, they'll become EGOTs:

  • Meryl Streep (Best Actress, "August: Osage County")
    Under her belt: Three Oscars (1980, "Kramer vs. Kramer"; 1983, "Sophie's Choice"; 2012, "The Iron Lady"), two Emmys (1978, "Holocaust"; 2004, "Angels in America")

    Dipped her toes: Streep practically is an EGOT. She's racked up multiple Grammy nods for her readings of children's stories like "The Velveteen Rabbit," and in 1976 she was up for Best Featured Actress in a Play at the Tonys.
  • Robert Lopez, right (Best Original Song, "Let It Go")
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    Under his belt: Three Tonys (2004, "Avenue Q"; 2011, "The Book of Mormon"); two Emmys (2008 and 2010, "The Wonder Pets"; Grammy (2012, "The Book of Mormon")

    Dipped his toes: We may be looking at our next EGOT right here. His "Frozen" showstopper, "Let It Go," is the frontrunner for Best Original Song.
  • Martin Scorsese (Best Director, "The Wolf of Wall Street")
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    Under his belt: Oscar (2007, "The Departed"), three Emmys (two in 2012, "George Harrison: Living in the Material World"; 2011, "Boardwalk Empire"), Grammy (2005, "No Direction Home: Bob Dylan")

    Dipped his toes: No Broadway credits here. "Goodfellas: The Musical," anyone?
  • Judi Dench (Best Actress, "Philomena")
    Under her belt: Oscar (1999, "Shakespeare in Love"), Tony (1999, "Amy's View")

    Dipped her toes: Dench is a three-time Emmy nominee who's one spoken-word album away from being pretty dang close to an EGOT.
  • Julia Roberts (Best Supporting Actress, "August: Osage County")
    Under her belt: Oscar (2001, "Erin Brockovich")

    Dipped her toes: Roberts' four Oscar nominations accompany a 1999 Emmy bid for her guest turn in "Law & Order." Her 2006 Broadway debut, in which she starred opposite fellow nominee Bradley Cooper in "Three Days of Rain," was met with harsh reviews.
  • Pharrell Williams (Best Original Song, "Happy")
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    Under his belt: Five Grammys

    Dipped his toes: We could see Williams scoring a Broadway musical, or perhaps starring in one.
  • Cate Blanchett (Best Actress, "Blue Jasmine")
    Under her belt: Oscar (2005, "The Aviator")

    Dipped her toes: Blanchett has remained an acclaimed stage star since the early '90s. She recently ended a lengthy term as the artistic director for the Sydney Theatre Company and has won the Helpmann Award -- the Australian equivalent of the Tony -- for Best Female Actor in a Play more times than any other actress. She'll return to the New York stage this summer for the U.S. premiere of Jean Genet's "The Maids."
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Best Supporting Actress, "American Hustle")
    Under her belt: Oscar (2013, "Silver Linings Playbook")

    Dipped her toes: Lawrence's star power could thrust her ahead in just about any Tony or Emmy race, should she tinker around with television or stagework. She was last seen on the boob tube in "The Bill Engvall Show," which aired for three seasons.
  • Sandra Bullock (Best Actress, "Gravity")
    Under her belt: Oscar (2010, "The Blind Side")

    Dipped her toes: Bullock hasn't appeared on TV in a decade. In 1990, she toplined NBC's short-lived sitcom "Working Girl" and the miniseries "Lucky/Chances." She starred in the Off-Broadway production "No Time Flat" in 1994.
  • Christian Bale (Best Actor, "American Hustle")
    Under his belt: Oscar (2011, "The Fighter")

    Dipped his toes: Bale was 11 when he starred in the BBC miniseries "The Heart of the Country."
  • U2 (Best Original Song, "Ordinary Love")
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    Under their belt: 22 Grammys

    Dipped their toes: U2's "Gangs of New York" contribution was up for Best Original Song in 2003. They're the most-honored rock group in Grammy history. Give them a TV special!
  • Alexander Payne (Best Director, "Nebraska")
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    Under his belt: Two screenplay Oscars (2005, "Sideways"; 2012, "The Descendants")

    Dipped his toes: Nope, Payne's a filmmaker through and through.
  • Bruce Dern (Best Actor, "Nebraska")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Dern is on his second Oscar nomination, and in 2011 he was nominated for an Emmy for his recurring role on HBO's "Big Love."
  • Karen O and Spike Jonze (Best Original Song, "The Moon Song")
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    Under their belts: None.

    Dipped their toes: O's Yeah Yeah Yeahs have three Grammy nominations, while the "Her" director won a Grammy for helming Fatboy Slim's music video for "Weapon of Choice." Jonze was also up for Best Director for 1999's "Being John Malkovich."
  • Amy Adams (Best Actress, "American Hustle")
    Under her belt: None.

    Dipped her toes: Adams has five Oscar nominations, and she's primed to collect Grammy, Tony and Emmy recognition as quickly as she wants it. We know she can sing thanks to "Enchanted," she's a veteran stage actress who would "definitely consider" Broadway, and she's etched memorable guest turns on shows like "The West Wing" and "The Office."
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor (Best Actor, "12 Years a Slave")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Ejiofor has dabbled in almost all of it. He's a Golden Globe nominee for his role on BBC's "Dancing on the Edge," and he's appeared in stage productions of classics like "Macbeth," "Othello" and "The Seagull."
  • June Squibb (Best Supporting Actress, "Nebraska")
    Under her belt: None.

    Dipped her toes: Squibb first hit the Broadway stage in 1959, playing the stripper Electra in the original cast of "Gypsy." She's returned several times since but has yet to earn a Tony nod. Her TV resume is even more illustrious, with guest stints on "Law & Order," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Judging Amy." Her recent turn on HBO's "Getting On" earned rave reviews, so she could score some Emmy affection this year.
  • Matthew McConaughey (Best Actor, "Dallas Buyers Club")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: McConaughey isn't accustomed to all this awards talk, but there's a strong chance he'll see it again this summer when "True Detective" goes to battle at the Emmys. We'll take a Broadway debut one of these days, too. Perhaps he can drop his britches again for the stage version of "Magic Mike."
  • Jared Leto (Best Supporting Actor, "Dallas Buyers Club")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Leto has prime Grammy real estate -- if Thirty Seconds to Mars can ever manage to score a nomination. His skills would be well-served on Broadway, and we know he can play a variety of roles: heroin addict, army general, con man, transgender woman.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (Best Actor, "The Wolf of Wall Street")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: The criminally under-recognized DiCaprio is enjoying his fourth Oscar nomination. His claims to fame came through appearances on the first iteration of NBC's "Parenthood" in 1990, and a recurring role on "Growing Pains."
  • Bradley Cooper (Best Supporting Actor, "American Hustle")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Cooper is enjoying his second consecutive Oscar nom, and there may be a Tony in his future when he returns to Broadway this fall for a revival of "The Elephant Man."
  • Michael Fassbender (Best Supporting Actor, "12 Years a Slave")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Fassbender is an Oscar novice, but we trust his road is paved with many awards to come. The "Shame" star has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and with the Oxford Stage Company. He's also made several British television appearances, including the 2008 miniseries "The Devil's Whore."
  • Sally Hawkins (Best Supporting Actress, "Blue Jasmine")
    Under her belt: None.

    Dipped her toes: Hawkins is a staple on the British stage, with credits that include "The Cherry Orchard" and "Romeo and Juliet." Her performance in the 2007 ITV adaptation of "Persuasion" earned her Best Actress at the Royal Television Society Awards.
  • Jonah Hill (Best Supporting Actor, "The Wolf of Wall Street")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: The Judd Apatow fixture has emerged an unlikely Oscar contender, but his only real television bids have been in the 2006 Oxygen sitcom "Campus Ladies" and Fox's maligned animated series "Allen Gregory." He surprised us in "Moneyball," so maybe a Broadway musical or Shakespeare revival is in the cards?
  • Alfonso Cuaron (Best Director, "Gravity")
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    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: With a diverse film resume, Cuaron will return to TV next month when the sci-fi/fantasy series he co-created, "Believe," premieres on NBC. He previously directed an episode of the Showtime anthology series "Fallen Angels" as well as the Mexican series "La Hora Marcada."
  • Lupita Nyong'o (Best Supporting Actress, "12 Years a Slave")
    Under her belt: None.

    Dipped her toes: Nyong'o is a total newcomer, scoring this nomination for her first feature role. Her credits while attending the Yale School of Drama include such rich material as Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" and Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." She also co-starred in the Kenya soap opera "Shuga," which aired on MTV Base.
  • David O. Russell (Best Director, "American Hustle")
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    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Like Payne, Russell's a film man. He's now a five-time Oscar nominee.
  • Steve McQueen (Best Director, "12 Years a Slave")
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    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Still a relative newcomer, McQueen has yet to bring his visceral filmmaking to TV or theater.
  • Barkhad Abdi (Best Supporting Actor, "Captain Phillips")
    Under his belt: None.

    Dipped his toes: Abdi had never acted before landing the role in "Captain Phillips." He has a ways to go. We believe in you, Barkhad!