02/01/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Of The Coolest, Craziest Ways To Stand Up For What You Believe In

fotoscardenas via Getty Images

From craftivism to hacktivism, passionate people around the globe have been coming up with increasingly creative ways to stand up for what they believe in. These five campaigns go outside the box and prove that when it comes to taking a stand, imagination is your fiercest weapon and your only limitation.

1. Human Luggage: Raising awareness about human trafficking

To raise awareness around human trafficking, Amnesty International got creative with baggage carousels, according to adform. Stuffed in a transparent suitcase, a performance artist rode the conveyor belt at airports throughout Germany. Peering out of her cramped confines at confused travelers, the message ultimately became clear: human trafficking is all around us and it is our collective responsibility to help stop it.

amnesty international human trafficking

2. Tampon Letters: Protesting for the dignity and hygiene of women in detention centers

When Australian activist group 'Destroy The Joint' discovered that female immigrants in detention centers were being denied reasonable access to sanitary products, an innovative campaign was born. #StopTheTampons encourages Australians to inundate the Immigration Minister with letters of protest written on, you guessed it, tampons and sanitary napkins. The call to arms was met with creative enthusiasm. One thing is for sure: The Immigration Minister's mailbox runneth over.

3. Selfies Against Suicide Bombers: Taking a stand against terrorism

As the campaign's organizers told HuffPostLive, the #notamartyr movement is an effort by the Lebanese people to set the record straight: suicide bombers are not martyrs. Distraught and angered by a recent spate of suicide bombings in Beirut that cost innocent lives, #notamartyr participants are passionately decrying the violence that has become all too commonplace in their country. This viral campaign has received attention from around the world for it's creativity and massive viral participation.

4. Poster Photos: Empowering victims of sexual violence

Project Unbreakable is proof of the strength of survivors. It is also proof that still images still have the power to pack a punch. This ever-expanding photo series features victims of sexual assault holding posters that quote their attackers. While managing to be simultaneously striking, disturbing and inspiring, these photographs will change the way you think about sexual assault... and what it means to be a survivor.




5. Hijacked Underwear: Taking to task rape culture in advertising

Fed up with the use of phrases like "SURE THING" plastered on Victoria's Secret's popular Pink! line on underwear for teen and tween girls, Feminist activist group 'FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture' decided to get a little brazen with the lingerie company. Launching a website that claimed to represent Pink!, FORCE advertised a fake line of products with cheeky slogans endorsing safe, consensual sex. While the blogosphere blew up with praise for VS's new 'approach', the lingerie company itself was none too pleased. They filed suit and FORCE had to shut down the site... but not before causing a noticeable stir and facilitating an all-too important conversation.