04/15/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods Living Alone? Elin Nordegren Reportedly In Separate Home

Tiger Woods is back in Orlando and living separately from wife Elin Nordegren, according to RadarOnline. Multiple sources tell the web site that "the marriage is extremely fragile" -- and Elin (PHOTOS) is still not wearing her wedding ring, two months after she was photographed without it.

It was previously reported that Nordegren dropped her divorce lawyer just days before her husband allegedly finished sex rehab.

The Mississippi clinic that may have housed Woods forces patients to abstain from masturbation and come clean about their past affairs. While it is far from clear whether Woods actually attended sex rehab, a recent report claimed Woods exploded in anger at the facility, causing "one female patient to break down in tears."

As has been written here before, if previous report are true, Disclosure Day could be a long, painful conversation. The talk would include Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS), who gushed about their "wild" and "crazy" sex and said she slept with Tiger the night his father died. Woods would have to mention not one, but two porn stars, one of whom bragged about their "amazing" sex online and may have worked as an escort (NSFW).

And he couldn't leave out Rachel Uchitel, the vivacious New York night club promoter (PHOTOS). Jaimee Grubbs (PHOTOS), who has stripped down for two different magazines would also come up. So would Loredana Jolie, the Playboy model who says Tiger had sexual encounters with men and who dished about his 'not normal' sex fantasies. He would also likely need to tell his wife whether a sex tape exists.

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