01/08/2014 01:23 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Chicago 'Dibs' Chairs For Sale? Craigslist Ad Might Be The Reason Your Patio Furniture Is Missing

Claim "dibs" on a parking spot you shoveled out only to find the spot taken and your chair missing, Chicago? We may have found your culprit.

A Craiglist ad posted Tuesday is advertising "about 350" chairs and some stools that were found "abandoned on the streets" of the city's North Side for sale. The price? $5, "regardless of condition or smell."


"Serious buyers only, no deliveries," the ad targeting the Chicago winter tradition of "dibs" continues. "Great for bingo halls, AA meetings and even your own backyards!"

One has to wonder if this seller will expand their business into other items:

Though the ad is very likely a prank, the city is serious that it soon may be getting its hands on and disposing of your dibs gear, as part of garbage collection once the streets are cleared of snow, NBC Chicago reports.