12/23/2013 04:03 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2014

6 Ways to Answer the World's Most Annoying Question: "So When Are You Getting Engaged?"

By Kim Fusaro, Glamour


"Can I have it now? How 'bout now? Well WHEN can I have it?"
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The most wonderful time of the year can quickly become the most irritating time of the year if you're waiting for an engagement ring. With all the family gatherings and the friends-from-home hangouts, there are endless opportunities for people to press you about the state of your relationship. "SO WHEN ARE YOU GETTING ENGAGED?" everyone and her brother and her mother and her dog wants to know. Here's exactly what to tell people:

WHO'S ASKING: Anyone who's already asked ad nauseam.
WHAT TO SAY: "Probably when people stop asking."

WHO'S ASKING: Your coworkers.
WHAT TO SAY: "When we can afford a wedding. Are you chipping in?"

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WHO'S ASKING: Your recently engaged or married girlfriends.
WHAT TO SAY: "When you get pregnant."

WHO'S ASKING: Your grandmother--or anyone you don't want to be too harsh to.
WHAT TO SAY:"You'll be the first to know when it happens."

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WHO'S ASKING: The resident gossip at your high school reunion.
WHAT TO SAY:"When I start showing" or "When his divorce is finalized."

WHO'S ASKING: Anyone you just want to shut down.
WHAT TO SAY: "Why do you ask?"

Are people pressing you to get engaged? Does it bug you? Or do you roll with it? What's your best comeback?

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