12/05/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What Bill Clinton's Attempt At Amateur Artwork Looks Like

First Guccifer introduced us to the wacky world of George W. Bush's paintings. Dogs, cats, shower-centric self-portraits and a pending series devoted to global leaders -- the artworks opened a strange and utterly mesmerizing window into Dubya's personality.

Now the devious hacker has turned to the other side of the political spectrum, delving into the previously unseen oeuvre of Bill Clinton. We would like to take this moment to thank you, former presidents, for never ceasing to surprise us with your proclivity for the finer side of culture.

bill clinton

The world has been been eagerly awaiting the day we could feast our eyes upon the democrat's doodles, so when Gawker made everyone's dreams come true by publishing four never before seen drawings by Clinton himself this week, our excitement was effectively turned up to 11. Alas, the results are...meh.

See Clinton's collection of drawings here.

Clinton's doodles include several sloppy sketches of the American flag, a drawing of a limo, and an ominous portrayal of some type of border wall. Some slightly more interesting Clinton-made images can be seen in the margins of a "secret" memo outlining strategies and concerns regarding NATO-led forces in Bosnia in the 1990s. There we can see what appears to be a portrait of Slobodan Milošević, a UN chef with a frying pan and a dragon (Milošević was succeeded by Dragan Tomić. Coincidence? Well, maybe).

Ultimately, the artworks are no where near as mystifying or complex as 43's works. Okay, Clinton drew a little man with an overwhelmingly large penis, which could be a reference to Bob Dole (cited in the aforementioned memo) and his Viagra campaign. But we're sure any 12-year-old boy with a pencil is capable of doing that. Where's the self-doubt and sincere contemplation we see in Bush's works?

Perhaps we need to see more than just four black-and-white pieces to make a proper assessment on the artistic abilities of Mr. Clinton. But until then, GWB remains our favorite commander-in-chief turned outsider artist.

See the Clinton images in full here and check out Animal New York's more in-depth analysis of the artworks here. Let us know what you think of Clinton's handiwork in the comments.

Bonus: Here's some Hilary Clinton-inspired artwork to put a smile on your face.