11/28/2013 11:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Spiritual Things To Do On Black Friday Instead Of Shopping

Cavan Images via Getty Images

1. Forgo the consumerist madness of Black Friday and instead catch up on your rest. Sleeping in beats standing in line by a mile any day.


2. Go for a walk with a friend and soak up the beauty of nature. What better way to feel inspired than by enjoying the gorgeous world around us?


3. Volunteer! Helping others will you feel more warm and fuzzy than a new sweater, we promise. Consider giving something back rather than going out and simply getting more stuff.


4. Take a little time to meditate alone. Solitude sometimes really is bliss, and a quiet moment to yourself can make you appreciate the warmth of family time even more.


5. Get creative with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Momofuku Milk Bar made a Thanksgiving croissant with cranberry sauce, turkey, and gravy inside a stuffing-flavored dough, and that's just one example of the amazing things you can do to make Thanksgiving last just a little bit longer.

The fabled Thanksgiving croissant

6. After a full day of stretching your stomach, flex your other muscles with some yoga.


7. Can you say, "holiday movies?"

8. Board games. Because what are the holidays without impassioned rivalries between family members? Better watch your back though- sometimes the sweetest people can be the sneakiest...


9. Bring out your creative side by doing a project or making art. Now's the time to think up the title of the novel you've always wanted to write!


10. Now that you're done feeding your family and friends, nourish your soul with some poetry, scripture, or prose that inspires you. Curling up with a good book is never a bad idea.