07/15/2005 10:19 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Advice for the Architect

The Architect is sure not doing a good job on behalf of himself (but to be fair, it's really hard to operate on yourself, just ask Dr. Frist). So here are some ideas for Karl Rove to consider. I am not trying to be presumptuous but it seems with Rove out of commission, there isn't a lot of talent left in the White House or the smart ones are running for the hills. Whatever.

1. SPEAK. It's a drag when the lawyers are in charge and because of a criminal investigation they tell you that you can't talk. But your silence is screaming you are guilty. That's all there is to it. If you didn't do anything wrong, tell your lawyers you are going to say that. If it's true it won't hurt you. Your lawyers are killing you ever so slowly right now. It's your reputation, not theirs. It’s your life.

2. APOLOGIZE, SORT OF. Don't stand on legal technicalities. Your future books, your future clients, your legacy is slipping away. Say I didn't break the law. Here is why. But I did show a lack of judgment. It was a mistake. But I didn't break any laws and I'm sure the Special Prosecutor will conclude that.

3. OFFER TO STEP ASIDE, BUT DON'T. You are becoming a drag on the White House and a problem for Bush. Sure he can tough it out -- he's the President and he loves standing by his friends. But you should be a good soldier and at least offer to step aside. Let the President say no publicly. If this happened to, say, Dan Bartlett, you'd have him step aside so fast he wouldn't know what happened. Don't use a double standard because this is happening to you.

4. FINALLY, BE A MAN, LET SCOTT McCLELLAN OFF THE HOOK. You misled him. You have already contributed to wrecking Valerie Plame's life, don't do the same to McClellan. Let him say he wasn't told all the facts because your lawyers wouldn't let you tell him. Or something like that. You can figure that out.

5. REPEAT AFTER ME. Every night before you go to sleep. "Hubris will get you every time."