10/31/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2013

Jesus Halloween Costume Leads To Illinois Teen's Removal From Classroom, Mom Says [UPDATES]

An Illinois high school student was reportedly pulled from the classroom on Thursday over his Halloween costume: Jesus Christ.

Angenetta Frison, the mother of Highland Park High School senior Marshon Sanders, told the Chicago Sun-Times her son was kicked out of class because some teachers found the student's costume -- consisting of a white robe, red sash, a white head scarf, a crown of thorns and a cross necklace -- to be offensive.

UPDATE: 4:10 p.m. -- According to the Chicago Tribune, the teen has been allowed to return to class and wear it once again after school officials confirmed he did not mean any disrespect with the costume. They had initially believed the costume could offend “religious sensibilities."

Earlier Thursday, Sanders was forced to remove his costume before returning to the classroom at the Highland Park, Ill. school, his mother told ABC Chicago.

Highland Park is located about 20 miles north of Chicago.

The incident is not the first time a student has been removed from school for dressing as the religious figure for Halloween, In 2008, an eighth grader in New Jersey was sent home from school over his Jesus costume.