10/28/2013 09:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Bird, Nine Pieces, The Easy Way

Butchering a whole chicken is easy with a well-placed knife and proper tension. With practice you'll find that a chicken just wants to come apart in all the right places. Once you understand the basic physiology of one bird, you'll be able to break down any bird.

With the right knife skills -- it's a lot easier than you think -- you can custom cut a bird precisely how you want it, and have tasty parts to spare. It gives you the freedom to create exactly what you need, as opposed to being beholden to prepackaged parts from the market.

Plus, buying whole birds is more sustainable -- behind each chicken part is a whole bird, and slaughtering that bird solely for, say, boneless, skinless breasts would be a death in vain.


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