10/22/2013 03:23 am ET Updated Oct 22, 2013

'Bones' Wedding: Church Fire And Murder Can't Stop This Wedding From Happening (VIDEO)

After years of waiting, it was finally time for Booth and Brennan to tie the knot on "Bones." Of course, things didn't go smoothly. Brennan dealt with her wedding anxiety by trying to throw herself into a cold case, and then the unthinkable happened. On the eve of their big day, the church they were to get married in burned to the ground.

Nevertheless, the wedding still happened, thanks to the determination and creativity of their friends. Surprisingly, it was Brennan's dad who came through with the money to make their special day perfect. And it was clean cash that he'd won legitimately in Las Vegas years ago. He couldn't think of a better use for it than his daughter's wedding.

As Hollywood Life's Andy Swift pointed out, "Some things went off without a hitch, like the bride and groom both looking equally stunning, while other aspects of the couple’s big day were basically a parade of hitches.” Still, TV Fanatic's Miranda Wicker said that after eight seasons, the wedding's climax was "everything we could have expected." She went on to say, "They're not the pair friends would set up on a blind date. But despite their vast and varied differences, they've got a good thing going. They work. Opposites really do attract. At least in television.”

It's a good thing they got that wedding out of the way, as things are about to change for "Bones." The veteran show shifts to Friday nights at 8 p.m. ET on November 15.

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