10/17/2013 08:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Republicans Get Horrible, Horrible Press Coverage Over Shutdown

It can't have been easy to be a Republican on Thursday morning. Nearly everywhere you looked for coverage of the end of the shutdown and debt ceiling crises, things were painful.

Open the pages of the country's biggest newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, and you were hit with this headline:


Turn to the New York Times, which carries some influence, and this is the front page that greets you, complete with headline about how damaging the effects of the shutdown were on people:


The Washington Post is mocking you this way:


Ouch! Those headlines are not fun.

Even less fun? The way Politico puts everything:


What about a nice conservative website, like the Weekly Standard? Even there, things aren't so cheerful:
weekly standard

Yipes! Maybe Twitter will be better. Nope: there, staunch Republicans like Dana Perino are taking shots at you:

Ugh! Some nice "Fox & Friends" will take your mind off things. Unless it just reminds you this is all going to happen again soon. Thanks for nothing Elisabeth!

elisabeth hasselbeck

Argh! What you need is a place that pretends like the shutdown didn't even happen, that tells you everything is great. Thank God for Breitbart!