03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Years Resolution for the Planet?

I'll just start with a confession -- I love the beginning of the new year and take every opportunity I can to start over (there's the Chinese New year, the Jewish New Year, the solstice, my birthday, and good 'ol December 31st). What's not to love? You get to clear the slate, take time to be honest about what is working in your life, what isn't working in your life, and make a plan to start fresh.

Something about the new year indulges my desire to get extra psycho organized about planning, and I tend to take the time to think and act on the things that get lost in the mayhem of every day life. Last year I decided I wanted to be more strategic and focused with how I implemented my values and money so I chose one organization to volunteer for, (The Woman's Earth Alliance), and one issue I was going to get personally involved with; all hands on deck style. (Ok, and an even truer confession is that I had a rather less than fun 2008, so I wanted to mix my purpose with some passion and have fun in the process.)

I took stock of the environmental issues that I care about and the first thing that came to mind was the image of birds, turtles, and other sea life that die or suffer due to plastics and garbage in the ocean.

I set out with a simple goal: to remove all of the garbage I am personally responsible for (theoretically, of course) out of the ocean.

I figured it would be a way to bring me closer so the ocean and the creatures within it that I am already drawn to, and that it will serve as one of those projects that provides me a way to bring information that I care deeply about to my network in way.

So...step one was to get a diving certification.

Check. I did it, and it was awesome. But that's as far as I got last year. So I figured this year, why not I learn from my mistakes, and take a fresh new approach. Get some help with the hard parts (like gathering all of the information). And...why not work with a bunch of people who have goals and inspire people as they go along.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: You declare your one green thing at this link

Step 2: Make a list of the things you need to do, learn, or figure out in order to accomplish your goal

Step 3: Take a look around at other people's goals: offer help if you can

Step 4: Check back in! We'll scour the universe to help find an expert or source to help you answer your questions and achieve your 1 green thing for 2010

Step 5: Post your story and your pictures as you go along the way!

Ok -- here is my "step 2″ for how to go about removing the plastic I am personally accountable for out of the ocean:

+Find out how much garbage each American is responsible for dumping into the ocean
+Discover organizations who are doing clean up efforts and train divers
+Identify locations in the ocean that are most in need of clean up

What about you? Do you have a green resolution you want to make, and need help with? Think big! Make it fun! And looking forward to hearing about your inspiration and motivation in 2010!