10/15/2013 04:06 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2013

'The Blacklist': Red Saves Keen From A Fixer Named 'The Stewmaker' (VIDEO)

"The Stewmaker" came to town on the latest episode of "The Blacklist." This was the guy you called when you needed to make a body disappear. He didn't just bury them, he turned them into so much goo -- or stew. But Stanley, or the Stewmaker, found himself with new orders when Red decided to target him. While Red had the FBI tracking him down, Stanley captured Agent Keen.

He told her he'd been given orders to make her death as painful as possible, and he prepared a stew for her. Keen tried to use her psychological skills to get inside his head, but while she was able to successful deduce facts about his life, she couldn't deter him from his dark path. Even though he normally only disposed of bodies that others had killed, whoever put the order on Keen was able to convince him to do the killing himself.

Luckily, Red managed to track her down and took out the Stewmaker. In fact, Red pushed him into his own stew, leaving him to the very end he gave to most of the bodies he came across. And, of course, Red had his own motives for taking down the Stewmaker. He found the fixer's photo album of the people he's erased and removed a single photo of a young woman. Who she was and what she means to Red is a mystery for another day.

Buddy TV's Kelly Schremph got a kick out of Red saving Keen. "I'm still not exactly sure what Reddington's relationship is to Keen, but I'll give him this, he certainly does care about her -- which means Stanley isn't getting out of this alive," she said. "Reddington dumps the Stewmaker's body into the stew of his own making. Poetic justice? I think so!”

Over at The AV Club, though, Phil Dyess-Nugent was struggling with plausibility. "The FBI does not just allow Red free reign of Washington, D. C. in exchange for his help reeling in his select list of master criminals; it is also permitting him to continue his own work as a master criminal, on a global scale," he noted. "How is it that the membership of the World Crime League remains unaware that Red is working with the law to pick them off, one by one?”

Red continues working his own agenda while he helps the FBI take down "The Blacklist," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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