10/11/2013 03:16 pm ET

Finally! The 'Mean Girls Musical' Update You've Been Waiting For

On the heels of Mean Girls Day, we've finally received word of a juicy bit of gossip on the status of the slowly evolving but endlessly exciting "Mean Girls" musical.

Vulture bears the glorious news, which comes straight from the mouth of Tina Fey's husband Jeff Richmond, who is scoring the production. According to Richmond, a writing team is meeting once a week and "actually starting to write some stuff."

Richmond also mentioned a few specific song ideas that are currently in motion, including a "Fetch" diddy and an ode to "October 3rd". May we humbly suggest an "I'm A Cool Mom" song, a "Stab Caesar" number and an melodic tribute to "Super Jumbo Tampons"?

Richmond also spent some time toiling over when the almighty Regina George should first break into song. "Do you save it until the second act, when all hell breaks loose? When she does the switch in the Burn Book, is that the first time you actually hear her sing? I'm not sure. That's just a conversation we were having yesterday. That's the kind of thing we're talking about right now. So it's coming, it's coming along. So at the next boozy function, I'll have more to share."

Someone find this man and give him a stiff drink, ASAP!