10/11/2013 08:56 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2016

Why Leftover Mashed Potatoes Are The Best Kind

Joy The Baker

Really the only thing better than having homemade mashed potatoes is realizing the next day that you have leftover mashed potatoes. They're delicious on their own. They're lovely in a bowl with cheese melted on top. And when you've had your fill of the obvious ways to eat leftover mashed potatoes, you have a world of possibilities to explore.

We have 19 tricks for leftover mashed potatoes that are going to make your life better. Thank us later. Seriously, if you loved mashed potatoes on day one, you're going to freak out about what you can do with their pillowy, buttery leftovers. Think breakfast, appetizers, dinner and even dessert. Oh, yes we did.

  • 1 Make Them Into Cheesy Pancakes
    Just A Taste
  • 2 Bake Eggs In Them
    Claire Sutton/Things We Make
  • 3 Or Make Them Into Scallion Pancakes And Eat Them With Eggs
    Get Bert Greene's Potato Scallion Cakes recipe by Kristen Miglore from Food52
  • 4 Stuff Them Into Mushrooms
  • 5 Turn Them Into Mashed Potatos Puffs
    Cinnamon Spice And Everything Nice
    Get this Leftover Mashed Potato Puffs recipe from Cinnamon Spice And Everything Nice
  • 6 Roll Them Into Mashed Potato Spring Rolls
    Gabriele Stabile
  • 7 Or Roll Them Into Croquettes
    The Endless Meal
  • 8 Stuff Them Into Alu Paratha
    Ashish Negi
  • 9 Pierogi. Pizza.
    How Sweet It Is
    Get this Pierogi Pizza recipe from How Sweet It Is
  • 10 Make Them Into Waffles
    Joy The Baker
  • 11 Seriously, Make Mashed Potato Waffles, And Then Make Waffle Sandwiches
    Half Baked Harvest
  • 12 Turn Them Into Gnocchi
    Bev Cooks
  • 13 Make Shepherd's Pie
  • 14 Fry Up Some Colcannon Cakes
    Simply Recipes
    Get this Colcannon Cakes recipe from Simply Recipes
  • 15 Turn Them Into Bread
    Brown Eyed Baker
    Get this Potato Rosemary Bread recipe from Brown Eyed Baker
  • 16 Make Them Into Mashed Potato Muffins
    Just A Taste
  • 17 One Word: Zwetschgenknödel (Austrian Dessert Dumplings)
  • 18 Stuff Them With Cheese And Fry Them Up
    Damn Delicious
  • 19 Then Roll Them In Bacon Bits
    Centless Deals

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