10/09/2013 10:34 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2013

Clark Little's Photos Prove That Parents Can Make Social Media Cool

You might have had a mini heart attack the moment you got that friend request from your dad, but if you were a little more like Dane Little, you'd embrace it. Sure, it might be a little embarrassing to have your camera-happy dad posting pictures all day long but, lucky for Dane and his sister Ally, at least their dad is Clark Little -- one of Hawaii's most famous underwater photographers.

While the rest of you are busy untagging yourselves from your parents' Facebook photo album, the Little family takes every opportunity for a photo shoot (especially if it's at the beach). This Instagram-active family proves that having your parents on social media may be a good thing.

You might not always be camera-ready for dad's photos...

But sometimes he has great timing.

We know it can be annoying when there's always a camera in front of your face...

But you can't blame him! He just wants to show you off...

And you've got to admit... Sometimes he makes you look really, really awesome.

He even makes mom look like the coolest person, ever.

And even though he sometimes forgets to turn the flash off...

He never fails to capture those especially great moments.

So you might think he's a dork now...

But back in the old days, he was the baddest kid in town.

And you can't deny that maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't mind if you grew up to be just like him.

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